Immigrant Children, Youth & Families

Join us as we discuss immigration, current trends, and perceptions related to culture, security, and the economy. Hear from experts about problem/solution framing, and the role of cultural strategies in shifting the polarizing immigration narrative. Learn about some of the ways peers and changemakers are using these strategies to promote social inclusion and belonging, to galvanize supporters and to recalibrate our democracy and our values.  
October 2019
Co-Sponsored Program
This brief shares insights from in-depth interviews conducted in March 2019 with 25 adults in immigrant families who reported that they or a family member avoided participating in safety net programs.
Urban Institute logo, which features their name, first word in larger blue letters, second in black, over a dotted grid pattern. Accompanies their brief, Safety Net Access in the Context of the Public Charge Rule.
August 2019
Issue Brief
This pre-publication briefing will explore the efforts of the Migration Policy Institute's (MPI) National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy, their intersections with issues of concern to grant makers in the anti-poverty, economic mobility and immigration policy fields, and a discussion of actions that can be taken now.
October 2018
Co-Sponsored Program
Skills to Survive or Thrive? Shifting the Paradigm for Immigrant Adult Learners From Survival English to Integration Success
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