Asylum Seekers

February 2019
French refugee children in 1917 (left) and a representation of a child in detention today (right).
Join this webinar for a discussion on the current state of refugee resettlement in the United States, the impact of the administration’s policies at the state and local level and possible responses, and promising approaches for funders to shore up services.
September 2018
Co-Sponsored Program
Equal Treatment: Public Perceptions of MASA Communities & Implications for Criminal Justice/Immigration Reform
This webinar highlights critical research from the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding in their recent report, Equal Treatment. The goal of the webinar is to articulate the connections between criminalization of MASA communities by law enforcement and broader criminal justice/immigration enforcement practices.
July 2018
The Greek Opportunity: An innovative refugee support system in Greece
In a recent learning visit spanning the Greek archipelago — from Athens to Lesbos and Thessaloniki — our team saw what is really taking place on the ground. While the number of refugee arrivals-per-month has dropped in the past year, the challenges in responding to existing and new refugees remain.
April 2018
Daranee Petsod op-ed on foundation response to immigrant and refugee policy changes
This op-ed by GCIR President Daranee Petsod looks at the policy challenges for immigrants and refugees over the past year and how foundations can respond.
March 2017
This factsheet provides a brief overview of the deportation process and how legal services providers are striving to provide immigrants and refugees with access to affordable, qualified legal services.
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