RFP for Planning Consultant: Fund Creation

Monday, November 7, 2022

Proposed Consultancy
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) seeks to engage a consultant or team of consultants to facilitate a reflective and creative ideation process that culminates in the development of a concept note for the establishment of a new grantmaking fund. Drawing on a range of institutional knowledge as well as expertise from GCIR allies and stakeholders such as funders, immigrant justice movement leaders, and colleague institutions, the consultant will design and lead a multi-day design session. The consultant will lead participants through an iterative process that brings forward their best thinking on how GCIR can and should build on its history of successful fundraising and grantmaking to establish a new fund to meet the needs of the immigrant justice movement in 2023 and beyond.

Key sources of information and inspiration that this consultant will draw on include, but are not limited to: an evaluation being concurrently conducted on GCIR’s sunsetting Delivering on the Dream (DOTD) network, lessons from GCIR’s California Dignity for Families Fund (CDFF), learnings from GCIR’s Director of State and Local Programs' recent listening tour, and the knowledge and expertise of movement leaders and philanthropic partners.

About GCIR
GCIR envisions a society in which everyone thrives no matter where they were born. To make that vision a reality, we galvanize philanthropy to advance immigrant justice and belonging. Guided by the values of love, solidarity, dignity, power, and abundance to advance the vision of a more equitable world, GCIR moves money and power for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. As the nation’s only immigrant-focused philanthropy mobilizing organization, we work with more than 140 member institutions, the 1,200 individual grantmakers in our network, our partners in the field, and other philanthropic affinity groups to advance immigrant justice and belonging. Amid continued challenges and significant opportunities for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, we are building on our 32-year history to drive short- and long-term immigrant-related philanthropic investments to advance our vision of a just, equitable, and inclusive society for all.

Project Goals
The overall goal of this project is to collaboratively develop a concept for a new grantmaking fund that would be housed at GCIR, drawing on the collective wisdom of GCIR staff and key allies.

Contract Deliverable

  1. Design Multi-Day Virtual Planning Process
    • Gain familiarity with key subject matter (including the review of resources provided by GCIR and holding pre-conversations with several staff) in order to have useful context for facilitation.
    • Informed by GCIR staff, develop a creative and engaging agenda that leads participants through a reflection, ideation, and narrowing process.
    • Timing of multi-day sessions to be collaboratively established; approximately 12 hours total.
  2. Facilitate Multi-Day Virtual Planning Process
    • With responsibility for technology, facilitate multi-day session, guiding participants through a creative but focused process, and capturing key takeaways.
    • Engage in “sense-making” with GCIR staff in between sessions as necessary in order to successfully lead subsequent session(s).
  3. Produce Brief Concept Note
    • Based on the final outcome of the planning sessions, develop a brief concept note summarizing key aspects of the proposed fund (note this is intended to be high-level, with GCIR adapting, extrapolating, and refining content as necessary for future audiences).

Application Process
Interested consultants should submit their proposed scope of services, total hours, and timeline; CV and cover letter including overview of relevant previous strategic facilitation experience and any relevant knowledge of the issue area; list of 2-3 client references; sample deliverable(s) from prior engagement, and a proposed budget (GCIR’s hourly range for this project is anticipated to be $175 - $200).

For questions and/or further information on this consultancy project, please contact Kevin Douglas, Senior Director of National Programs, at [email protected].

As an organization committed to social and racial equity, GCIR recognizes the importance of identifying and working with vendors and consultants that bring a wide range of educational, professional, and lived experiences, particularly partners who have been historically marginalized based on their identities. We encourage and solicit the participation of diverse vendors and consultants in all contracting opportunities and we are committed to include diverse businesses in our searches.

Please submit proposals to [email protected] no later than December 5th at 5:00pm PT.

Proposed Timeline: (Negotiable)

Release RFP: Nov 9th
RFP due to GCIR: December 5th
Estimated Contract Award: Dec 20th
Anticipated Project Start Date: Jan 4th
Pre-Planning Completed with GCIR Staff: Jan 25th
Planning Sessions Completed: Feb 22nd
Final Concept Note Delivered: March 8th

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