Refugee Skeptic to Assume Key Role on Migration Issues at State Department

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A White House aide and ally of President Donald Trump’s most hard-line advisor, Stephen Miller, has been appointed to a position at the State Department where he would exercise influence over refugee policies, in a move that could further enable the administration’s harsh crackdown on migration.

John Zadrozny had served on the White House’s Domestic Policy Council, a powerful office that had appropriated from both the State Department and the National Security Council some authority over refugee admissions policy.

In his new job, he will over oversee a portfolio of issues at the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, an office that serves as a type of in-house think tank for the secretary of state but had developed outsized influence in the Trump administration under former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Former officials say he will help oversee the department’s refugee policies.

A State Department spokeswoman confirmed the move to Foreign Policy on Thursday but declined to confirm his specific portfolio. “He will coordinate with a number of bureaus in his new role,” the spokeswoman said, without providing details.

Zadrozny has served as an official in the George W. Bush administration and a top aide to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.