One Foundation CEO’s Plan to Respond to Today’s Outrages. What’s Yours?

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

By Robert Ross
CEO of the California Endowment

It is now official — too many of us in philanthropy have fallen for the okey-doke.

The "okey-doke" is a decades-old expression among African-Americans, and it translates into the process of being tricked, duped, or manipulated. You will hear the expression among conversations at an African-American barbershop or family gathering. It might show up in the following manner: An African-American woman is relating a recent business encounter in which she dismissed a scam artist, and her uncle replies, "That’s right. Don’t fall for the okey-doke."

Or, as social-justice-minded millennials might say, "fallin’ for the okey-doke" is the opposite of "gettin’ woke."

This revelation came to me as I scanned my New York Times and saw these headlines on just a single day:


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