New Resources on Investing in Immigrant and Refugee Movements

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) has long been known as an organization that puts listening to the community at the center of its mission. Through this work, they have become one of the most trusted sources on what philanthropy can be doing to serve the most marginalized communities. Their most recent initiative is no different. Organizations, big and small, across the sector, are also realizing that real change often takes support of local, grassroots-led movements rather than top-down strategic plans. It’s through that lens that NCRP released its Movement Investment Project.

Interview with Timi Gerson:

KGC: Tell us about the Movement Investment Project and how it’s different from other initiatives that support movement building.

TG: This is a historic moment when big questions about the kind of country we want to be are on the table. All of us – grantmakers and grantseekers – want our communities to be safe, healthy, and secure.

Funders have an urgent opportunity to invest in ways that put us on a path toward a more equitable, just, and inclusive future. Social movements are the driving force behind efforts to create this positive change. NCRP’s Movement Investment Projectis a multi-year initiative to educate and mobilize the philanthropic sector in support of these movements.

What is a movement? Broadly speaking, a movement is an ecosystem of individuals and groups united by a shared analysis of what is wrong with society and a vision for how it can be changed. These mobilized individuals and organizations collaborate using diverse strategies and tactics, which, when successful, ultimately lead to changes in societal attitudes, practice and policy. From voting rights to marriage equality and beyond, our history demonstrates that movements for social change are what moves us forward as a nation.

NCRP’s unique role is to be a bridge between movements and philanthropy. This project is grounded in the lived experience of the people on the front lines of critical issues as well as deep quantitative data analysis. We are working with movement leaders and innovative funders to educate the philanthropic community about why movements matter and to support grantmakers and donors in how they can be more effective movement givers.


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