NDLON: Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

As each and everyone one of us makes preparations for the looming economic, political, and public health crisis, it is important to highlight that migrants, refugees, and low-wage workers in general— and day laborers specifically— face uniquely dangerous obstacles. Already targeted and victimized by unprecedented xenophobia and inequality, many of the people we work with will find themselves completely walled out of access to basic necessities in the weeks ahead.

Therefore, today, we are launching the Immigrant Safety Fund to provide immediate resources and financial support so excluded workers can take care of themselves and their families at home. Without paid sick time leave, remote work capability, health care, access to jobs, and financial security, migrants are uniquely vulnerable, and the support we collectively muster for the Immigrant Safety Fund might be the only lifeline for thousands of people most at risk in our communities.

All resources we collect will be rationed and distributed throughout our network; and your support will directly help thousands of families across the country. Please consider giving any amount to help someone in need.


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