A Complete and Accurate Census Count Must Remain Our Priority

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Those of us who believe in a complete and accurate 2020 Census won a critical victory today when the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the addition of the citizenship question.  The court said it was based upon a “contrived” rationale provided by the Commerce Department. While we are happy for this outcome, we are also disappointed the Court did not issue a clear “no” to the use of the citizenship question. 

Today’s decision proves this Administration got it wrong yet again by tampering with the integrity of the 2020 Census for the sole purpose of excluding people of color who they have repeatedly denigrated and dismissed.  Today, we are proud to stand with our grant partners who believe everyone matters and everyone counts.

With the case returning to the lower court, we understand the fight to make sure everyone is counted is far from over.  We, at The California Endowment, remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring a complete count of all those living in the United States regardless of immigration status.   We believe that healthy communities require the inclusion and participation of everyone living in them. Therefore, we will be watching the actions of the administration and the courts closely. In the meantime, Census Bureau professionals must be allowed to do their work without further delay and interference; namely, start printing out Census forms.  Outreaching and training for a complete count without the citizenship question.  

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