Comments by Philanthropy on Public Charge

Monday, December 10, 2018

More than 60 philanthropic institutions submitted comments on the proposed public charge rules before the December 10, 2018 deadline.

Those organizations' voices joined the more than 216,000 total comments submitted, nearly all of which were in opposition to the proposed rule.

The Department of Homeland Security must review and respond to every issue raised in the comments. Once that review is complete, the department is free to publish the rule, which is expected to be immediately challenged in the courts.

Commenting on public charge was the first time that many foundations and PSOs, including GCIR, participated in the rulemaking process. We learned many lessons and look forward to strengthening our efforts to engage philanthropic stakeholders in future campaigns—both in support of and in opposition to proposed regulatory changes.

PhotoArmando Godoy / Creative Commons

PDF icon The Annie E. Casey Foundation - Public Charge Comment194.34 KB
PDF icon Asian Pacific Fund - Public Charge Comment201.54 KB
PDF icon Bigglesworth Family Foundation - Public Charge Comment2.69 MB
PDF icon Blue Shield of California - Public Charge Comment123.03 KB
PDF icon California Community Foundation - Public Charge Comment61.21 KB
PDF icon The California Endowment - Public Charge Comment150.33 KB
PDF icon California Health Care Foundation - Public Charge Comment611.76 KB
PDF icon The California Wellness Foundation - Public Charge Comment427.62 KB
PDF icon Caring for Colorado Foundation - Public Charge Comment1.03 MB
PDF icon Center for Arab American Philanthropy - Public Charge Comment99.58 KB
PDF icon The Colorado Health Foundation - Public Charge Comment510.68 KB
PDF icon The Colorado Trust - Public Charge Comment510.68 KB
PDF icon Conrad N. Hilton Foundation - Public Charge Comment159.94 KB
PDF icon Consumer Health Foundation - Public Charge Comment72.25 KB
PDF icon Dan & Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund - Public Charge Comment102.21 KB
PDF icon The David and Lucile Packard Foundation - Public Charge Comment153.17 KB
PDF icon Early Childhood Funders Collaborative - Public Charge Comment647.87 KB
PDF icon East Bay Community Foundation - Public Charge Comment108.43 KB
PDF icon Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund - Public Charge Comment134.71 KB
PDF icon Ford Foundation - Public Charge Comment90.23 KB
PDF icon First 5 LA - Public Charge Comment85.09 KB
PDF icon General Service Foundation - Public Charge Comment393.87 KB
PDF icon Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees - Public Charge Comment510.88 KB
PDF icon The Grove Foundation - Public Charge Comment96.25 KB
PDF icon The Healing Trust - Public Charge Comment133.7 KB
PDF icon The Health Trust - Public Charge Comment2.4 MB
PDF icon Healthy Communities Foundation - Public Charge Comment141.87 KB
PDF icon Heising-Simons Foundation - Public Charge Comment167.98 KB
PDF icon Hepatitis B Foundation - Public Charge Comment157.11 KB
PDF icon The Hyams Foundation - Public Charge Comment503.03 KB
PDF icon James & Gretchen Sandler Philanthropic Fund - Public Charge Comment89.86 KB
PDF icon Kenneth Rainin Foundation - Public Charge Comment246.97 KB
PDF icon Kansas Health Foundation - Public Charge Comment132.82 KB
PDF icon The Kresge Foundation - Public Charge Comment847.15 KB
PDF icon Latino Community Foundation - Public Charge Comment337.37 KB
PDF icon NEO Philanthropy - Public Charge Comment149.39 KB
PDF icon The New York Community Trust - Public Charge Comment 252.24 KB
PDF icon New York Foundation - Public Charge Comment179.34 KB
PDF icon Northern California Grantmakers - Public Charge Comment131.49 KB
PDF icon Northwest Area Foundation - Public Charge Comment345.46 KB
PDF icon Northwest Health Foundation - Public Charge Comment124.24 KB
PDF icon NYS Health Foundation - Public Charge Comment110.66 KB
PDF icon Philanthropy California - Public Charge Comment217.02 KB
PDF icon S. Mark Taper Foundation Comment - Public Charge Comment4.7 MB
PDF icon Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Public Charge Comment163.98 KB
PDF icon The San Francisco Foundation - Public Charge Comment284.53 KB
PDF icon Sierra Health Foundation - Public Charge Comment212.3 KB
PDF icon Silicon Valley Community Foundation - Public Charge Comment137.92 KB
PDF icon The Simmons Foundation - Public Charge Comment129.89 KB
PDF icon Sobrato Family Foundation - Public Charge Comment211.73 KB
PDF icon Solidarity Giving - Public Charge Comment95.84 KB
PDF icon Sunlight Giving - Public Charge Comment111.59 KB
PDF icon SYL Foundation - Public Charge Comment84.59 KB
PDF icon Texas Women's Foundation - Public Charge Comment148.59 KB
PDF icon Unbound Philanthropy - Public Charge Comment1.36 MB
PDF icon United Way of Buffalo and Erie County - Public Charge Comment226.6 KB
PDF icon United Way of King County - Public Charge Comment133.27 KB
PDF icon van Loben Sels/RembeRock Foundation - Public Charge Comment154.23 KB
PDF icon VNA Foundation - Public Charge Comment409.03 KB
PDF icon Washington Area Women's Foundation - Public Charge Comment123.11 KB
PDF icon Weingart Foundation - Public Charge Comment13.8 MB
PDF icon William T. Grant Foundation - Public Charge Comment147.76 KB
PDF icon W.K. Kellogg Foundation - Public Charge Comment653.1 KB
PDF icon Woods Fund Chicago - Public Charge Comment117.43 KB
PDF icon Y&H Soda Foundation - Public Charge Comment81.26 KB
PDF icon Zellerbach Family Foundation - Public Charge Comment1.05 MB
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