Children, Youth, and Families

Compiled with support from The Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Foundation for Child Development.

Data Sources

KIDS COUNT Data Center
A project of Annie E. Casey Foundation, this center offers comprehensive data on children in immigrant families from the most recent American Community Survey. The site serves as a tool for building graphs, reports, and more on a wide range of topics. Users can select a topic that will take them to data arranged by state.

Foundation for Child Development - Resources - Topic: New American Children
Reports published primarily by FCD and its grantees on immigrant children, intended for at policymakers, educators, researchers, and others.

Urban Institute - Children of Immigrants Data Tool
A tool which allows users to generate charts on the characteristics of children, age 0 to 17, in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Data drawn from the American Community Survey. Users can compare populations of children defined by the nativity and citizenship of the child or their parents.

First Focus: Children of Immigrants 
Blog posts, artwork, factsheets, essays, analysis, and other resources on the children of immigrants.

Annie E. Casey Foundation - Immigration and Refugees
Reports, blog posts, briefs, policy analyses, interviews, and other resources on immigrants and refugees, with a focus on issues affecting children, youth, and families.

Immigrant Children Initiatives

Annie E. Casey Foundation - Making Connections
A decade-long multi-site effort to improve the lives of low-income members of communities around the nation, Making Connections led to the creation of a variety of resources on immigrant and refugee families and their children.

New American Children (NAC) Initiative
FCD’s New American Children (NAC) initiative aims to build a broad and nuanced base of knowledge about the well-being of children living in low-income immigrant families in the U.S. Our goal is to discover how best to nurture and educate these children, and then to connect this research with sound policies and practices.

Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children
A coalition of nonprofit, public, and private organizations that formed in 2007 with the goal of improving conditions for the state’s children. Its priorities include providing children quality early learning opportunities, a strong K-12 education, and support in transitioning to adulthood. Other core issue areas include health care access, fair lending practices, and targeted tax relief. The website provides links to its publications and action alerts.

Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services
A national technical assistance project working to broaden the scope of information and collaboration among service providers to strengthen services to refugee youth, children, and their families.