Funders for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (FRAS)

March 2019
Program Materials
Materials: Pathways Forward for U.S. Refugee Integration 3.28.19
Find all materials related to our refugee resettlement webinar here, including powerpoint and webinar recording.
November 2018
Squeezing Refugees: Numbers for 2018 by State and Metro Area
Refugee admissions dropped more dramatically in the United States than any other country in 2017, and the rate dropped even further in 2018.
November 2018
Potential Impacts of FY 2019 Reception and Placement (R&P) Program Decisions
This five-page document identifies the potential impacts of FY 2019 Reception and Placement (R&P) Program Decisions by the Church World Service.
November 2018
Issue Brief
Refugees Thrive in America: Trump Cuts the Number of New Arrivals Despite Advancements and Success Stories
This issue brief gives an overview of refugee arrivals and ceilings in the past two decades, glimpsea into the lives of refugees who recently arrived in the United States, and the steps that newly resettled refugees are taking to rebuild their lives from scratch.
October 2018
Funding Recommendations
Image contains the logo of the Refugee Investment Network, in black and orange font color with an orange sidebar
This report offers impact investors, grant-makers, and development finance professionals the first landscape of the what, why, who, where, and most importantly, how, of investing in and with displaced people.
January 2018
The Ground Beneath My Children's Feet: Refugees and the Jewish Story
Home sweet home. Home is safety. Home is comfort. Home is familiar. What happens when you need to flee your home?
August 2016
Divided by Detention: Asylum-Seeking Families’ Experiences of Separation
This report profiles the experiences of five asylum-seeking families who are divided by detention. It provides a preliminary analysis of how this separation occurs, and the impact this separation can have on families’ well-being and ability to access humanitarian protection.
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