Funders for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (FRAS)

In its third year, BridgeBuilder™ seeks ideas addressing urgent and emergent needs among people on move — a global population deeply impacted by a lack of peace, prosperity, and sound environmental conditions.  
A line of dark-skinned people in headscarfs and colorful clothing to the left of a text box with the words "Join our BridgeBuilder Challenge: People on the Move. Launching July 2nd." and the logos for OpenIdeo and GHR Foundation
June 2019
Philanthropic News
The Trump administration’s goal has been clear: It wants as few people as possible coming to the United States without papers. And if they do come, it wants to deport them as quickly as possible. That goal might finally be within their grasp.
Jeff Sessions is pushing asylum officers to reject more migrants. Will they go along?
October 2018
A White House aide and ally of President Donald Trump’s most hard-line advisor, Stephen Miller, has been appointed to a position at the State Department where he would exercise influence over refugee policies, in a move that could further enable the administration’s harsh crackdown on migration.
Refugee Skeptic to Assume Key Role on Migration Issues at State Department
June 2018
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