California Census 2020 Statewide Funders' Initiative (Census 2020)

Census 2020 California Statewide Funders’ Initiative: Adaptive Strategies to Get out the Count: How California Census Grantees are Pivoting During the COVID-19 Pandemic
May 2020
Group Materials
Those of us who believe in a complete and accurate 2020 Census won a critical victory today when the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the addition of the citizenship question.
June 2019
Blog Post
A public health funder based in California just kicked in $10 million to aid the state’s $90 million efforts to get a fair and accurate census count in 2020. The count determines the destination of federal dollars, the breakdown of representation in Washington and even influences where private investments flow.
“We Can’t Count on Washington”: A California Funder Preps for the 2020 Census
September 2018
Philanthropic News
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