Call to Action for Philanthropy to Address Urgent Regional Humanitarian Needs for Asylum Seekers

Publication date: 
February 2021


The administration announced that it will begin processing an estimated 300 asylum seekers per day who have pending cases in the MPP (Remain in Mexico) program beginning on Friday, February 19, 2021. Initially, the processing will take place through Tijuana and San Diego, Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, and Matamoros and the Rio Grande Valley. This is one of many potential policy shifts that advocates are pushing for, including the rescission of a Title 42 order that is the basis for the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, and has particularly harsh impacts on Black asylum seekers. Philanthropy is in a position to advance critical support to community-based organizations in the border region, cover travel expenses to cities around the country, provide access to legal services, and grow the use of community-based case management programs in cities around the country.

Philanthropy can also support messaging and communications strategies that shift public perceptions about asylum and drive welcoming narratives. The recommendations highlighted below reflect core values of dignity, justice and belonging, as well as ongoing conversations with a broad range of community-based organizations in Mexico and the U.S, nationally and locally. There is a deep sense of urgency in the NGO community to be prepared. 


(Read the full recommendations below)

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