Delivering on the Dream


Delivering on the Dream (DOTD) is a national network of state and local funding collaboratives investing needed resources to protect and defend the rights of immigrants and refugees and to help them achieve their dreams for a better life. Through a unique partnership model that leverages national matching funds, state and local funders engage in coordinated grantmaking to strengthen the immigrant rights and service infrastructure in diverse locales. The network also provides a wide range of funders—including those new to immigration and those who have long provided funding in this arena—with meaningful peer-learning opportunities.


The DOTD network spans 17 states and is currently made up of 22 funding collaboratives that support more than 350 vetted grantees. Composed of local sites linked by a national network, collaborative members are diverse in geographic focus, priorities, and strategies, yet united in the belief that all community members should have access to opportunities that allow them to thrive.

Mission and Vision

DOTD’s mission is to actively support safe, welcoming, and integrated environments in which immigrants and refugees are recognized as integral to our shared prosperity and vitality—and to increase available resources to achieve this goal. DOTD seeks to advance diverse, equitable, and vibrant communities in which immigrants and refugees are valued, respected, and treated with dignity.

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“Because of DACA I [was] able to support myself and to support my family while building a long-term career.” 
-DACA recipient served by Delivering on the Dream



Delivering on the Dream Joint Statement on the Cancellation of DACA

Statement by DOTD collaborative members on DACA's cancellation.

Delivering on the Dream at a Glance

Two-page infographic on the mission, vision, and impact of Delivering on the Dream (DOTD)

Delivering on the Dream: The Power of Local-National Funder Partnership

One-page infographic summarizing DOTD's impact in 2016

Learning the Way: DACA, Educational Attainment, and Philanthropy

Eight-page report on philanthropic opportunities to assist immigrants who do not yet meet DACA's educational requirements

Stronger Together: The Power of Local-National Funder Partnerships

One-page infographic summarizing DOTD's impact in 2015

Dreamer Loan Programs: The Power of Partnerships with Community Development Credit Unions

Eight-page report consisting of five case studies of credit unions and foundations that provide loans to DACA applicants

DACA resource page

GCIR's portal for information on DACA

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"DACA gave my family and me peace of mind. Something as simple as driving out to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July was a big no-no, because we were afraid that if we got pulled over someone would get put into deportation proceedings.”
-DACA recipient served by Delivering on the Dream



How We Connect

  • Quarterly calls and periodic in-person meetings that keep the network apprised of members’ efforts and policy developments, as well as provide opportunities for peer learning and sharing emerging lessons and best practices
  • Regional programming and learning opportunities to connect to the field and engage new funders
  • A listserv and online community space through which members can share resources, questions, and opportunities

Benefits for Members

  • Potential to secure a 5:1 leverage ratio (average) through national matching funds
  • Ability to tap into a system with vetted grantees and ensure resources are deployed effectively
  • Autonomy to define local funding priorities in a way that best meets on-the-ground needs
  • Peer support, technical assistance, and best practices as part of a broad, nationally-coordinated effort
  • Contribute to a more sustainable base of local, state, and national philanthropic support for a diverse range of programs and services
  • Technical assistance from GCIR staff and consultants on funding strategies and collaborative models

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Interested in joining an existing collaborative, starting your own, or simply learning more? DOTD is open to professionals affiliated with a grantmaking organization. For detailed information, contact Barbara Montano.

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Photo of DREAM Action Day in Orange County. Shared by the Korean Resource Center under a Creative Commons license.