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Media Contact

Daranee Petsod, president
Phone: 707-824-4374
Email: [email protected]

Overview of GCIR

  • Founded in 1990
  • Non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
  • GCIR provides information and resources to foundations that fund programs addressing immigrant and refugee issues
  • National membership organization for philanthropic entities

News Coverage

Foundations Break Their Grant Guidelines and Speed Cash to Immigrant Needs
July 19, 2018, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Barr Responds to Family Separation Crisis With Grants, Gifts
July 13, 2018, Barr Foundation

Update: Supporting efforts to reunite, advocate for immigrant families
July 12, 2018, The James Irvine Foundation

Family Separation Crisis on U.S. Border: How Donors Can Help
June 27, 2018, The Center for High Impact Philanthropy

June Must-Reads
June 22, 2018, Community Wealth Partners

Grant Makers Share Case Studies to Improve Response to Immigrant Crises
June 20, 2018, Alex Daniels, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

U.S. Foundations Taking Action to Address Refugee Crisis, Report Finds
June 20, 2018, Philanthropy News Digest

Calif. Foundations Move $40 Million Fast to Counter Trump on Immigration
January 18, 2018, Alex Daniels, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Who's Helping the Forgotten Victims of California's Wildfires?
October 17, 2017, Alyssa Ochs, Inside Philanthropy

Defending the Dream: Who's Giving Grants for DACA Right Now?
September 27, 2017, Alyssa Ochs and David Callahan, Inside Philanthropy

For Grantmakers, a Widening Battle to Defend Immigrant Communities
August 8, 2017, Alyssa Ochs, Inside Philanthropy

In a Climate of Fear, California Funders Step Up for Immigrants
March 13, 2017, Alyssa Ochs, Inside Philanthropy

Philanthropy: Silence Is Not an Acceptable Response to Trump's Orders on Immigrants and Refugees
February 15, 2017, Ben Barge, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Over 100 Foundations Sign Joint Statement in Support of Immigration
February 9, 2017, Efrain Gutierrez, FSG

70 US Foundations sign statement condemning executive order on immigration
February 8, 2017, Alliance magazine

Scary Times: Foundations, Trumpism, and the Fear Factor
February 6, 2017, David Callahan, Inside Philanthropy

50 Grant Makers and Philanthropy Organizations Protest Trump's Travel Ban
February 3, 2017, Alex Daniels, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

GCIR - Joint Foundation Statement on Immigration
February 3, 2017, Philanthropic, Philanthropy News Digest, Foundation Center

Press Releases

June 20, 2018: GCIR Releases Report in Honor of World Refugee Day

February 3, 2017: Joint Foundation Statement on Immigration

July 5, 2016: New GCIR Board Member

February 9, 2016: Building Partnerships for Change: Engaging and Leveraging Resources for Immigrant Financial Integration

January 19, 2016: New GCIR Board Members

GCIR Articles

Building Stronger Communities Together in Florida: Immigrants and Asset Building, Althea Gonzalez and Michael Kavate, March 7, 2017

Overcoming Barriers to Applying for DACA: Loan Programs for Potential Applicants, Michael Kavate, September 17, 2015